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Hi guys!
It's Raie. :)

Thank you!

I'm not collecting anything in August Release this month so.... everything is open! :)

1 seizavirgo13
2 skysreflection12
3 rot05
4 navywave04
SP sakurait08
DN sakurait01
New Decks - event10, seizavirgo13, skysreflection12, rot05, navywave04, sakurait08, sakurait01

Let's trade! :>
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Hello everyone! I'm not collecting anything from this month's release and I'm looking to boost my card count (because I have like 3 in my trade pile at the moment), so if you don't have anything I'm collecting I'm totally down for swapping slots for randoms!

My card post is here! Thank you!

1. seizavirgo02
2. rot02
3. navywave02
4. skysreflection02
5. idol02
6. detective18
sp. sakurait07
bon. dancingflames19, heavensward02, okami12, patriot15.


Jul. 5th, 2016 11:52 am
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yes hello guys slots yes

puts these all here, i'm collecting a couple of decks but i'd like to focus on inwinter first hoo boy


1. inwinter01
2. trialdance02
3. wave04
sp. gentletype02
dn. blondes07, gentletype01
bn. event09, yukianesa03 (blue), saxophone04 (light), messiah01 (red), sanctuary10, saxophone16, quartetnight03, yukianesa18

YOU KNOW THE DRILL BY NOW..... random trades are a-ok cos I know I collect so few decks!

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YO SO GUESS WHO just turned in like 300+ card worth of things at doubles exchange (I had it coming for 5 months) so I've refreshed 1/3 of my trade pile with new cards! let's swap stuff

I'm close to mastering a couple of decks too if you have these things throw at me

elder: 06, 07, 08, 12, 16
yukianesa: 03, 13, 14, 18

I know I collect very few decks so feel free to offer random trades anyway I'll pick things from your pile! Or you can also offer me relationer, saisei or vocalist cards. they'll go into my special recycling shrine.

THANKS GUYS! lets fill up those bars

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hey guys guess who's thirsty (it's me)

the mamo deck is coming out and I'm screaming because it's like top priority.... I'll trade slots for your donated cards or your sp slot if you're not using it! or if there's anything in my trade pile that I can offer please let me know. I'm also collecting two more puzzle decks if you're looking to get rid of your slots but they're not priority o9

1. blueking01
2. strain01
3. lunchrush01
4. cooking01
5. masterspring02
6. holymaiden02
sp. mamo01
dn. mamo09
bn. trichronika05, hoshido02, watchers06, guillotine07

akito: 04, 15
moe: 02, 03, 05, 06

regular and random trades are welcome too!

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hi i have a lot of decks that i'm close to mastering, and i recently caught up on my backlog of cards that i needed to add, so let's see if we can trade! fill up those experience bars am i right. i'm looking for the following cards:

relations: 12, 17
leifthrasir: 09, 10, 13, 16
shrinemaiden: 06, 08, 10, 17
sorcerer: 01, 06, 14, 17, 20
tonarini: 09, 10, 14, 15, 19, 20
chocolat: 02, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20
shii-chan: 02, 11, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20
ojisan: 05, 06, 07, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20
casters: 09, 10, 13, 14, 15

also looking for: kakera, certainty, gokudo, alliance, colonel, eyesofheaven, fuuki, higurashisui, inanna, musoukyoku, oyashiro, teacher

i'm also down for random trades, so if i have anything you need let me know and i'll look at what you have to trade. i can probably find at least something, since there's a ton of decks i'll end up collecting at one point or another.

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Hey everybody! I'm not looking to collect anything this deck release, so I'm willing to trade slots for cards I'm collecting. 

1. valimar02 (Moe)
Sp. Open
Dn. singers06 (up for grabs)

And as always, regular trades are welcome, too. Thanks guys! 

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YO EVERYBODY! I am... actually not collecting anything from the May release, so all my slots are up for grabs. I'll accept cards from my collecting and mass decks from them, or you could trade me your unused April slots (both normal and special)!

1. ordine01
2. valimar01
3. mokoko01
4 .administrators01
5. noisyobsession01
6. salondemarie01
sp. singers14
dn. singers02, singers07
bn. event07, composer08, focused01, physique01, reticent02

regular and random trades are welcome too!

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wooo I have slots and they are free for the swapping. I'm collecting feralstrike, kalina, lightning, and trigger cards from the release!

01. babylon08
02. kendoka07
03. kirby20th04
04. pikmingarden07
05. reapersgame01
06. gokudo03
07. labyrinthia03

I also updated my post with a bunch of new cards so check out my trade pile too for regular trades~
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eon: 'hey, liz, how do we get you to be more active here'
me: 'make decks featuring my husbands and wives'
eon: 'okay, i'm on it!'

aka this release has so much good stuff that i want! i'd like umbra most importantly, but i'm also collecting gambling, trigger, teasing, babylon, saxophone and hirarin!

1) umbra01
2) gambler01
3) trigger01
4) teasing01
5) babylon01
6) saxophone01
sp) hirarin02
dn) hirarin01

My trade post hasn't been updated in quite some time since I've been horribly inactive, but I couldn't pass up this release.

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There are so many good decks from this month which is making life hard for me, but I'm gonna be looking for the following decks (God help me): umbra, fuuki, labyrinthia, reaper's game.

This gives me a few slots free, but if you also wanna regular trade these to me then my trade post is here, and trades can be emailed to me at!

1) umbra01
2) fuuki01
3) labyrinthia01
4) reaper's game01
5) pikmingarden05 ->fuuki02 [Lee]
6) babylon06 -> fuuki03 [Moe]
7) composer16 -> fuuki04 [Eon]
8) kendoka04 -> fuuki05 [Akito]
9) trigger02 -> fuuki06 [Liz, pending]
Donated) hirarin10
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hi i guess i'm collecting kendoka this month! life is hard when you donated all your faves
01. kendoka01
02. composer17
03. pikmingarden04
04. fuuki05
05. umbra??
09. higurashisui01
10. gokudo??
sp. casters01
bonus. hirarin04

regular trades are welcome too! i'm collecting like, every higurashi, umineko, and im@s i can get my hands on.

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before we get on to the slots I gotta say I was responsible for half of the otome decks donated, I am v sorry

BUT ANYWAY because of this I'm collecting 173952984028438 things this release so pls trade me your slots... I'll toss you stuff from my trade pile even, two for one. let's start with composer for now but I'm gunning for all the utapri decks eventually...

1. composer01
2. babylon04
3. guitar02
4. kendoka02
5. pikmingarden02
6. fuuki04
7. piano01
8. saxophone01
9. quartetnight02
10. rainbowdream01
sp. hirarin01
dn. hirarin13

regular and random trades welcome too!

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Hey everybody! Looking to trade some April slots~ I'm collecting pikmingarden but I donated decks now I want too many

1. guitar01 ----> pikmingarden01 (Rizu) 
2. composer20 ----> pikmingarden02 (Eon) 
3. babylon02 ----> pikmingarden03 (Moe) 
4. kendoka03 ----> pikmingarden04 (Akito) 
5. fuuki02 ----> pikmingarden05 (Pi-Face) (pending)
6. umbra?? ----> pikimingarden06 (Liz) (pending)
7. Reserved for Lex
8. Reserved for Lex
9. Reserved for Lex
10. OPEN

And as usual, regular trades are always welcome as well!


Mar. 19th, 2016 06:59 pm
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Hi everyone, I'm new, my name is Silje. Nice to meet you all! I have TWO orders of business to take care of as a newbie!!

1. T_T will someone pastebin me their tradeform.php, trade.php, and the trade page part of their etcg code? Mine isn't working and I want to get my trade form set up but I can't remember how... Thank you in advance!

2. Slots!!

I have five slots up for grabs from the April release I'd like to trade for debt cards. Barring that, I'll also accept messiah or isis! My card post is here. Let's trade c: Pardon my dust on my site, btw, I'm still getting back into the swing of Card Games.

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 Hello~ I'm Joey and it's nice to meet everyone c: Figured while I'm waiting to be approved, I'd set up a grab post in the meantime. I'd really love to trade for jaguar cards from this release, but I'm also collecting oyashiro and most of the other Show By Rock!! decks~
  1. jaguar01
  2. romantia13 for jaguar02(Akito)
  3. duality10 for jaguar03 (moe)
  4. vocalist11 for jaguar13 (Eon)
  5. guillotine20 for bluestation11 (Eon)
  6. independence03 for bluestation13 (Eon)
  7. jiangshi19 for oyashiro17 (Lex)
  8. bounty19 for ryukenden08 (Lex)
  11. (sp) stride02

Happy Trading!
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Hey everybody!

Looking to trade slots for the March release! I'll be collecting farside. Please trade with me, etc. 
1. minakami03 ----> farside01 (Moelle)
2. vocalist05 ----> farside02 (Eon)
3. duality04 ----> farside05 (Moe)
4. romantia04 ----> farside06 (Akito)
5. debt03 ----> farside07 (Dina)
7. OPEN 
10. OPEN
Dn. grandopening04

And as usual, feel free to check out my post!


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slots4slots or tradepost trades that's cool too

1. minakami01
2. romantia03
3. farside01
4. vocalist04
5. holyark03
sp. lancers10 
dn. grandopening10, valentines03
bn. event05
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helloooo i've been swallowed up by fire emblem fates and have card things to catch up on. I've got two more gifts to give out so come on n get yourself somethin pretty!!!!!!!!!!

1. assassins08 for moe
2. trance06 for c
3. medstudent06 for dina
4. savior for ashley
5. memories03 for elyse
6. aspire15 for eon
7. kazahana13 for akito
8. catgirl20 for lex

and here's my site if you're up for some trading :9 i'm open to random trades for the spelling bee~

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hey! so i haven't been as active as i'd like because rl started kicking my ass but things have calmed down and i am back to play card games.

i think for the next release i will be collecting holyark and bluestation cards! so let's trade slots for those

1. bluestation01
2. holyark01
3. romantia03
4. duality02
5. farside02

and i still have 4 slots left for this release, we can swap on this post too. and i have 3 valentine's gifts to give out, feel free to ask if i haven't given you one yet!

also trades! let's trade